Tuesday, September 29, 2015

B R E N D A the Band
Block Party Pictures:  Piper Robbins Photography snapped some pretty neat shots of the Three Points Block Party on September 5th.  Check out the Facebook album here!

Have pictures your snapped at the Block Party?  Please share them with us!  Post on our Facebook page!

Photo courtesy of Piper Robbins Photography
Block Party Recap:  Apparently, a 0% chance of rain means it is definitely going to rain.  We didn't anticipate a threat of rain at all, so Kentucky's fickle weather got the best of the Block Party and caused the stage crew to breakdown before Counterfeit Money Machine or 1200 could perform.  The party went on and we had a nice visit from the Mayor, enjoyed some cold brews from West Sixth Brewery and Falls City Brewing, and sold all the fantastic art that was created at the Block Party. 

We didn't make nearly what we thought we would have and we will have to do a little more fundraising before we can get up any more murals and do anymore public beautification projects.  But fret not!  We did make a little profit that is a great base for growing more funds!

We learned a lot and, even though we only planned to have one Block Party, we have already begun planning for 2016!  We have some really cool things in store for next year!

 huge thank you goes out to the neighborhood associations that funded the block party and made it all possible: the Shelby Park Neighborhood Association, German-Paristown Neighborhood Association, and Schnitzelburg Area Community Council - SACC. Without the caring, passionate people who make up these association's boards, these neighborhoods would not be as vibrant, unique, fun, compassionate, or loved. I simply cannot condense into one update the amazing work each organization doing, so I urge you to "like" each one on Facebook, attend a neighborhood meeting, start a conversation, write them a "thank you," and become a member of each (you can become a member for all 3 organizations for less than $20). Seriously, these groups are amazing and deserve every bit of recognition for the outstanding, selfless work they do.

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." -The Lorax

Fund for the Arts:  THANK YOU, Fund for the Arts, for the $500 donation toward our next mural!‪#‎ArtIs‬ making the community stronger and we thank you for helping us with that mission!

Pictured is Eleanor, who reached local celebrity status by having her picture from Fund for the Art's #ArtIs campaign featured on a postcard! Her response: #ArtIs markers!

Three Points Tees:  You can now buy Three Points tees on the web!  Visit the "Buy a 3P Tee" tab at the top of the page for more information and use the PayPal button on the right sidebar to make a purchase!  Thank you in advance for helping us further the Three Points mission!