Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Looking to 2020!

We are excited for 2020 and everything on the horizon for Three Points!

If you follow Three Points on Facebook, you may have heard that a disgruntled idiot vandalized the original Three Points mural. Along with slandering Councilwoman Sexton-Smith, this individual threw paint on the faces of the subjects in the mural. We were able to remove the slander the next day and we are working on a plan to repaint/replace the subjects. Local authorities, Councilwoman Barbara Sexton-Smith's office, and Louisville Metro's Office of Public Art are working with Three Points to repaint the mural and to find the person who continues to deface public art in our communities. This is not their first offense.

While it is unfortunate that a coward chose to act out in this manner, we are focusing on the positive. We knew Three Points was in need of a little sprucing up and this was good fuel to our fire to get it done. Public engagement with Three Points has increased and we are thrilled that so many people are supporting our efforts to beautify and add functionality to our streets.

Over the coming weeks, we are putting together a proposal and budget for all of the work that we plan to do. These improvements include:
  • Updating the Three Points mural and adding a protective coating
  • New artwork on the tall wall (where the gardener and children are)
  • Creating a new community map and adding it where the community bulletin board is (it will be more protected from the sun's UV rays than the current location)
  • Refurbishing the metal and wood neighborhood signs
  • Landscaping updates
  • A new doggie doo-doo bag holder

Current metal signs in need of new paint and wood backing.

In addition to revitalizing the Goss and Logan Street intersection, we will be devoted to finishing the mural at 923 Goss Avenue, as well as adding a new mural on an untouched wall (the location is a secret for now, but we'll let you know ASAP!).

Ackerman Millworks mural at 923 Goss Avenue

Three Points will also be the featured non-profit at the Logan Street Market in April. A fraction of proceeds from select items in the market will go directly to Three Points! We will be kicking off the month with an awesome event at the Market - stay tuned for more details!

Also, Three Points is looking for 3-5 people who are interested in serving on the Three Points board. This board will help develop plans for the future of the organization, as well as make decisions on current matters. If you have an interest in public art, urban design, or community development, this is a great opportunity!

If you are interested in joining the board and making an impact in your community, please submit your application via Google Forms: https://forms.gle/XmnHMCnVV1B2Qcx1A

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

CycLOUvia is coming back to Three Points!!

2018’s second CycLOUvia, the popular event showcasing alternative transportation, is returning to Three Points—Germantown, Schnitzelburg, and Shelby Park—on Sunday, August 19. 

The upcoming edition of CycLOUvia in Three Points will differ than the previous event. The first CycLOUvia was circular but this one will be linear. To support and highlight the growing business activity on Logan Street, the route will stretch on Goss Avenue and Logan Street from Texas Avenue to Kentucky Street. 

Goss Avenue and Logan streets from Texas to Kentucky will be closed to vehicular traffic from 2-6 p.m. Many businesses along the corridor will be open and engaging participants, creating an atmosphere that is uniquely Louisville. 

The return to Three Points marks the fourteenth CycLOUvia event, with other events taking place on Bardstown Road, West Broadway, and Frankfort Avenue. 

CycLOUvia is Louisville’s opportunity to experience transportation in a unique atmosphere, by walking, cycling, skateboarding, or dancing in the street. Streets account for a massive amount of public land in all cities. CycLOUvia repurposes these public spaces by temporarily replacing traditional vehicular traffic with pedestrian traffic.

During CycLOUvia, streets become paved parks where people of all ages, abilities, and socio-economic backgrounds can come to improve their mental, physical, and emotional health.
Since 2012, CycLOUvia events have attracted tens of thousands of people to neighborhoods across the city. CycLOUvia promotes healthy lifestyles, alternative transportation, safety and economic development.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Hello all!

Jennifer here! Just want to give an update about Three Points! I know Three Points has seemed dormant these last few months, but I assure you that we have been busy working on existing projects and some exciting new ones! So, let’s dive right in!

The Ackerman Millworks mural on Goss Avenue has been in full swing! We have 29 faces and 82 names going on the wall! It has been a monumental task organizing all of those! We are doing our best to make sure we didn’t overlook anyone (more on this tomorrow!). You may have noticed that the wall has been primed and some figures added. The goal was to get the wall primed before winter, so we can quickly get started this spring. The figures were to help the artist, Stephen Paulovich, determine scale. In the fall, we collected pictures for the wall faces and took in-studio portraits of those who were able. Stephen has been working in his Portland studio through the winter with these photos to create scale drawings of figures that will be transferred onto the wall. Once we have more stable weather, you’ll see Stephen out there painting! Once the wall in near completion, we will be adding the new lighting and landscaping, PLUS a new bike pump and repair station to the corner!!

Click here for an article about the project from The Courier Journal!

We have also been working with Abell Elevator on a new project putting art on some of their buildings that extend from the main one along Logan Street. Often Seen Rarely Spoken is working on this project and we are super thrilled to spruce up this space in the next couple of months! Along with new art, Abell will be getting a fresh coat of paint on their existing logo on the main building!

Underhill Associates also contacted Three Points about doing a mural on one of their buildings at the Germantown Mill Lofts. Chris Chappell has been working on a simple design of an artifact that was used in the former cotton mill. We're ready to roll!

As the weather gets warmer, we’ll also be cleaning up the original project area at the Logan and Goss Avenue intersection. Dead plant matter will be raked away to make room for new growth, trash will be cleaned up, and mulch will be laid. We are also working on replacing the community bulletin board that was punched through by some angry passerby. More on this and volunteer opportunities to come!

On a more personal note, I have been elected as a Jefferson County Soil and Water Conservation District Officer. If you lived in Jefferson County during the November election, I was on your ballot. I’m excited to join a wonderful group of green-minded individuals to help our urban environment conserve natural resources and create a sustainable future for all. For updates on the Soil & Water Conservation District and green events going on in Louisville, follow my page Jennifer Chappell Jefferson Co. Soil&Water Conservation District Supervisor

I have also joined the Center For Neighborhoods Board of Directors and look forward to helping communities within Louisville grow and thrive. I will be working with the programs committee to develop Better Blocks Louisville (stay tuned – the first Better Blocks program is coming to Shelby Park!) and expand current programs such as P.A.I.N.T. and Neighborhood Institute.

As always, THANK YOU so much for your support!! Without YOU, Three Points wouldn’t be around.

If you have any comments, questions, concerns, funny stories, cool Three Points pictures, requests, ideas for a project, or whatever, please shoot me an email - jmmfr.r.chppll@gmail.com ! I love hearing from you!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Thanks to our amazing donors, we were able to raise $6,870 on our fundraising page!! 30 people will have their or a loved one's face on the wall and over 90 people will have their name listed as sponsors!

This helps tremendously with our $15,000 budget for this project. The remaining funds will come through Metro Council funds, corporate sponsorships, and additional fundraisers.

See below to learn about our next mural!

Stephen Paulovich has been working on cleaning and priming the wall and will begin painting soon! The project should be complete by Spring of 2017!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Next Mural!

Three Points Beautification is proud to announce out next mural: an homage to businesses that shaped our community highlighting Glassner's Bakery, the Louisville Cotton Mill, and Ackerman Millworks.

Rough sketch of the new mural.

Stephen Paulovich (stephenpaulovichstudios.com) has been commissioned to create a mural on the Ackerman Millworks & Supply Co. building at 923 Goss Avenue. The mural will span two sides of the blank, paint-chipped building and will pay homage to the former Louisville Cotton Mill, Glassner's Bakery, and Ackerman Millworks (current building tenants). The front side of the building (facing Goss Avenue) will look as if the building was spliced down the center and you are peering inside at a bustling work day - women spinning cotton, men at wood lathes, bakers kneading bread. The side of the building (facing Boyle Street) will have a life-size painting of the old Glassner's Bakery truck.

In addition to the mural, we will be adding new lighting to the exterior of the building, replacing a dry-rotted door on the building, landscaping the corner, and other amenities. Once all is said and done, this beautiful new addition to Goss Avenue will enhance the pedestrian experience, instill neighborhood pride, promote the history of the community and pay homage to the industry and small business that helped establish and grow this area, and compliment the revitalization this area is currently experiencing. We want to embrace our future without forgetting our past. 

We have enlisted Lisa Pisterman, local historian and author, to assist in the project. She has an extensive knowledge of Scnhitzelburg and the cotton mill. Here is an excerpt from her book Louisville's Germantown and Schnitzelburg:
The Louisville Cotton Mill, located on Goss Avenue, has the distinction of being the first mill in Germantown and is a significant example of Victorian industrial architecture.  The mill was built in 1888 by Richard A. Robinson, a drug company sales representative, and his son, William Robinson, was the president of the mill. Architect Charles Julian Clarke designed the main building with its impressive five-story tower. The Louisville Cotton Mill produced cotton warp for the manufacture of Kentucky Jeans.  
Woman in mill.
Photographic archives, Ekstrom Library, University of Louisville 

Ray Ackerman of Ackerman Millwork & Supply, along with his son and daughter-in-law Matt and Shelly Ackerman,  have kindly donated the wall of his building to the mural.  Ackerman Millwork & Supply is just a stone's throw away from the original Three Points project and is located at 923 Goss Avenue.

Ackerman Millwork & Supply - present day

The Ackerman's introduced the idea of incorporating Glassner's Bakery to the design. George Glassner Sr. immigrated to Louisville and opened his bakery in the 1920's. It's original store was on Story Avenue, then later moved to 1044 Goss Avenue before settling into 1244 Boyle Street (the building pictured above, at the corner of Goss and Boyle).

Ed Glassner, 1968

Emma Glassner Muir, September 1966

In the 1970's, Ray Ackerman bought the building to open Ackerman Millwork & Supply & Co., where his company makes custom cabinetry and trim today.

Stephen Paulovich Studios will bring life to this wall (his sketches pictured above).

We chose Paulovich for a variety of reasons.  

Paulovich is an experienced artist - his studio has "more than 150 years of combined experience in designing, fabricating, and installing works of art as decor." His designs capture the real-to-life look we want this mural to have. His studio has demonstrated their mastery of designing three-dimensional subjects that will be key to this mural - from the machines to the workers.  

We have met with many community leaders and preservationists, as well Jeff Underhill of Underhill Associates, the developers of the Germantown Mill Lofts, and discussed what they envisioned for the wall, as we felt it was important to get the opinion of the people who are making a multi-million dollar investment across the street. We agreed that we wanted something with earth tones that blended seamlessly into the streetscape. Afterall, this will be highly visible to the new tenants of the Germantown Mill Lofts who have apartments in the front of the building.

Paulovich's portfolio proves he has the ability to design within our ideal color palette and create something that adds to Goss Avenue's charm rather than distract from it. Intricate details of the mural will truly add to the walkability of Goss Avenue, especially as it continues to grow with new commercial endeavors and design improvements. 

Aside from Paulovich's artistic talents, he holds a special connection to the area and the former cotton mill that we feel is significant. Paulovich had an art studio inside of the cotton mill from 1994 until it closed in 2013. He spent many years working in the building and learning its history. In fact, years ago, he completed a stunning mural of the antique mall along the backside of the cotton mill that was hardly visible to the public (it has since been removed, but it is pictured below). His daughter was practically raised in the mill and she is now a junior at duPont Manual High School!

Louisville Antique Mall by Stephen Paulovich

We will also be adding landscaping, planters, new lighting, and a bike pump and repair station to the exterior of the building!

We look forward to creating this mural and preserving this rich part of Germantown's history!

(Read more about donating in this article from The Courier Journal!)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

B R E N D A the Band
Block Party Pictures:  Piper Robbins Photography snapped some pretty neat shots of the Three Points Block Party on September 5th.  Check out the Facebook album here!

Have pictures your snapped at the Block Party?  Please share them with us!  Post on our Facebook page!

Photo courtesy of Piper Robbins Photography
Block Party Recap:  Apparently, a 0% chance of rain means it is definitely going to rain.  We didn't anticipate a threat of rain at all, so Kentucky's fickle weather got the best of the Block Party and caused the stage crew to breakdown before Counterfeit Money Machine or 1200 could perform.  The party went on and we had a nice visit from the Mayor, enjoyed some cold brews from West Sixth Brewery and Falls City Brewing, and sold all the fantastic art that was created at the Block Party. 

We didn't make nearly what we thought we would have and we will have to do a little more fundraising before we can get up any more murals and do anymore public beautification projects.  But fret not!  We did make a little profit that is a great base for growing more funds!

We learned a lot and, even though we only planned to have one Block Party, we have already begun planning for 2016!  We have some really cool things in store for next year!

 huge thank you goes out to the neighborhood associations that funded the block party and made it all possible: the Shelby Park Neighborhood Association, German-Paristown Neighborhood Association, and Schnitzelburg Area Community Council - SACC. Without the caring, passionate people who make up these association's boards, these neighborhoods would not be as vibrant, unique, fun, compassionate, or loved. I simply cannot condense into one update the amazing work each organization doing, so I urge you to "like" each one on Facebook, attend a neighborhood meeting, start a conversation, write them a "thank you," and become a member of each (you can become a member for all 3 organizations for less than $20). Seriously, these groups are amazing and deserve every bit of recognition for the outstanding, selfless work they do.

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." -The Lorax

Fund for the Arts:  THANK YOU, Fund for the Arts, for the $500 donation toward our next mural!‪#‎ArtIs‬ making the community stronger and we thank you for helping us with that mission!

Pictured is Eleanor, who reached local celebrity status by having her picture from Fund for the Art's #ArtIs campaign featured on a postcard! Her response: #ArtIs markers!

Three Points Tees:  You can now buy Three Points tees on the web!  Visit the "Buy a 3P Tee" tab at the top of the page for more information and use the PayPal button on the right sidebar to make a purchase!  Thank you in advance for helping us further the Three Points mission!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Celebrate the completion of Three Points and help us fundraise for more public art in our communities!

MUSIC, FOOD, BOOZE, ART, AND MORE!! Trust us - you won't want to miss this event! 

This event is open and welcome to everyone, so there will be no cover for the event, but we are asking for at least a $5 donation so we can reach our fundraising goal of $20,000. We will be unveiling the preliminary designs for two murals that will be completed in 2016!

There will be artists painting during the event and guests will be able to silently bid on the artists' work to take home! Proceeds go to the artists and the Three Points fundraiser! Artists include: Henry Cunningham, Braylyn Rosco Stewart, Damon Thompson, Robby Burgess, Ben McCloud, and Sam Mattingly.

The block party will be outside in the lot adjacent to Three Points (Save-a-lot/Derby Dental).


Louisville, KY

Counterfeit Money Machine
Cincinnati, OH

Louisville, KY

Bike parking will be available courtesy of Falls City Community Bike Works and Bicycling for Louisville.

Special thanks to Shelby Park Neighborhood Association, Schnitzelburg Area Community Council, German-Paristown Neighborhood Association, Falls City Brewing, Feast BBQ, West Sixth Brewery, Magbooth, Do502, Louisville Youth Football League, Dairy Del Ice Cream, Bicycling for Louisville, Falls City Community Bike Works, IDEAS, and Derby Dental Labs.

Are you a non-profit that would like to be involved? A human with a good heart that wants to volunteer? Someone who is licensed to sell delicious edibles to the public? An artist who would like to get their art on during the event? Shoot and email to jnnfr.r.chppll@gmail.com.