The Ackerman Millworks Mural was created with support from and in honor of:

Bickett, Betty
Bloodhounds Athletic Club
Boone, Larry
Carle, Michelle
Chappell, Barlow & Carol
Chappell, Jennifer
Clemans, Baxter
Collins, Jimmy
Combs, Drew
Compton, Brad, Melissa & Ari
Ditterline, Elias
Ditterline, Lyra
Durham, John & Nancy
Enteman, Sandy
French, Maddi
Frommeyer, Alex
Glassner Bridges, Patricia
Glassner Vance, Linda
Glassner Vest, Donna
Glassner, Denis
Glassner, Frederick “Fritz"
Glassner, George
Glassner, Kevin
Glassner, Mary and Eddie
Glassner, Victor
Grisanti, Alan & Meredith
Haag, Don & Jan
Haag, Gene & Millie
Hardesty, Mary P., MD
Hawkins, John
Heeg, Robert Nick
Kremer, Roger
Kute, Norah
LeGrand, Larry
Massage…Healing for Everyone
Matte, Norbert
McClure, Natalee
McGrath, Jack
Mershon, Steve & Anna Lee Mershon
Meurer, Cpl. Ronald W. Meurer USMC
Minnick, Rebecca
Padgett, Christopher
Pete & Diddle
Pisterman, Lisa
Quest, Jonny
Ringswald, Bernard
Russ, Chris
Russman, Nancy
Sampson, Gary & Jill
Schreck, Melissa
Smith, Mr. Ray & Dr. Allison
Spalenka, Joe, Danielle & Graham
Stovall, Ken & Gin
Thomas, Julianne
Voelker, Brian
Wallitsch, Mary & Jim
Walls, Chris
Waugh, Joe
Wissing Meats & Grocery
Wissing, Arthur
Yeasayer, Sky
Zink, Mary Teresa
Zweydoff, Mary Ringswald
Zweydoff, Thomas Sr.
Please note: As the Ackerman Millworks mural on Goss Avenue is an active project, we have yet to add these names to the physical space. The names have been recorded by last name then first name for ease of finding names alphabetically. The names will be first name and last name when put on the wall. If you were a donor for this mural, please verify that your name is correct. If you have donated and your name is missing, or if the information is incorrect, please contact Jennifer -

The original Three Points Project at the intersection of Goss and Logan Street was created with support from and in honor of:

Libby Aldridge
Charles Ames
Dave Averdick
Jacqueline Bach
Marilyn Beswick Belak
Amelia Brooks
Mary E. Brown
Barlow & Carol Chappell
Cielle Chappell
Jennifer Chappell
Kelly Fischer Clark
Zach Combs
Scott Condra
Sean Connolly
Robin Cook
Brian Drewry
Hannah Elliott
Caroline Felice
Dr. John B. Fischer
Ruth Fister
Mark French
Alex Xavier Frommeyer
Amelia Gandara
Ben & Rachel Goldenberg
Alan Grisanti
Bryan Grumley
Mary P. Hardesty
Hauck’s Handy Store
Jesse and Jamez Hendrix-Inman
Stacy Hewitt
Ben Huber
Chip Huber
Lauren Isenberg
Jennifer Jones
Alex Kah
Ian MacDonald
Marissa Manford
James McCracken
Dan McMahon
Natalee McClure
Kate Miller
Diane Minter
Jessica Morgan
Mike Morris
Elizabeth Munnich
Lisa & David Pisterman
Joseph Pugh
Jonny Quest
Patricia Ramey
Bill Richmond
Daniel Sanders
Nick Seivers
Alex A. Shapero
Pat Smith
Ray & Allison Smith
Nate Spicer
Elizabeth Stith
Karen Sumner
Julianne Thomas
Mackenzie Thompson
Chris Walls
Amanda Walton
Joseph Waugh
Jase Wilson
Wynnfield Co.

Trees Planted in Honor of:

Brayden, Caroline, & Aubree Chappell
Robin Cook
Jamez & Jesse Hendrix-Inman
Patricia Ramey
Liam & Wyatt Seivers
Stacie Hewitt & Nate Spicer
Joseph Waugh
Nach Bar & Eiderdown