The Original Three Points

Meet the Artists: Henry Cunningham & Chris Chappell

Henry Cunningham and Chris Chappell are the artists for the original Three Points mural at the intersection of Goss Avenue and Logan Streets.  

They collaborated on a design that is modern, bold, and reflective of the community. The concept was originally described as “portraits in black and white scales with colorful graphic elements that will create transparent effects and add depth to the wall.”  

Chris Chappell is an artist from the Belknap neighborhood who has resided within a "10 mile radius of Louisville, Kentucky for his entire existence." His medium varies from glass skateboard decks to large-scale murals and everything in between. Many of Chris' murals can be seen throughout Louisville, on buildings such as the 15th Street Waterfall, Hilltop Tavern in Clifton, and the Artist and Craftsman Supply in German-Paristown. Visit his website for more information.

Henry Cunningham is an artist who works for HP in Colorado as a graphic designer. Henry graduated from St. John's University in Queens, New York, where he also spent time as an intern for Vice Media.  He is originally from the Highlands-Douglass neighborhood, where his family still resides. His expertise lies in graphic design, lettering, and graffiti-inspired designs.

The Ackerman Millworks Mural

Meet the Artist: Stephen Paulovich

Stephen Paulovich is an experienced artist - his studio has "more than 150 years of combined experience in designing, fabricating, and installing works of art as decor." His designs capture the real-to-life look we want this mural to have. His studio has demonstrated their mastery of designing three-dimensional subjects that will be key to this mural - from the machines to the workers.  

Paulovich's portfolio proves he has the ability to design within our ideal color palette and create something that adds to Goss Avenue's charm rather than distract from it. Intricate details of the mural will truly add to the walkability of Goss Avenue, especially as it continues to grow with new commercial endeavors and design improvements.

Aside from Paulovich's artistic talents, he holds a special connection to the area and the former cotton mill that we feel is significant. Paulovich had an art studio inside of the cotton mill from 1994 until it closed in 2013. He spent many years working in the building and learning its history. In fact, years ago, he completed a stunning mural of the antique mall along the backside of the cotton mill that was hardly visible to the public (it has since been removed, but it is pictured below). His daughter was practically raised in the mill and she recently graduated from duPont Manual High School!

Check out more of Stephen's work on his website:

"To the Top Please"

Abell Elevator contacted Three Points to put some murals on some walls on the north side of their lot in an effort to curb graffiti. Along with Abell's branding, we wanted to include some graphic elements, as well as an homage to their business - selling and servicing elevators. Elevators were a perfect fit for conveying a positive message to reach for the sky, hence the elevator in the mural opening its doors to a blue sky with clouds.

Meet the Artists: Often Seen Rarely Spoken

Often Seen Rarely Spoken is "an art collective based out of the Midwest specializing in modern and progressive ideas that breathe life into an otherwise blank space." Jeremy Lewis and Ian Muldroon are two fo the founding members of the group.

Other notable local projects that OSRS has completed include the Tim Faulkner Gallery bee mural, the Home of the Innocents "Heart of Our City" murals, the "Whatever you are, be a good one" mural at 15th and Rowan, and the overpass mural in the Russell neighborhood. 

The Germantown Mill Lofts Coin

Germantown Mill Lofts owners Underhill Associates commissioned Three Points to paint a replica of a coin on the side of one of their buildings on their property off Ash Street. The coin was used by workers in the cotton mill to get lunch from the on-site cafeteria when the mill was still in operation. 

Underhill Associates has done a wonderful job of incorporating the history of the property with the modern apartments, offices, and restaurant they have developed on the GML property. This coin is just another piece to that historical fabric.

Meet the Artist: Chris Chappell

Having worked with Chris Chappell previously, we knew he would be a great go-to for the GML coin. Chris is fast, reliable, and would do a great job with such a simple project.

Rotating Wall

Abell Elevator has allowed us to use one of the walls on their property as a rotating art wall. This wall has been a hand painted ad for Forecastle, a colorful geometric mural, and it is currently an ad for White Reaper’s new album. It will change again in spring 2020. This wall is great because it is a flat surface, not too large, not too small, and it doesn’t require any special equipment, such as a scissor lift, to paint. Often Seen Rarely Spoken has created each of the three murals to date. 

Shipping Containers