Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Below are rough draft renderings of the mural!  We love the colors and the smiling faces of people interacting with the community!

These aren't the final drafts of the mural - the font will be a bit more bold, and we still have pictures to add - we haven't forgotten about our seniors and we have a bicyclist that will cruise the wall!  This rendering is to show you what we plan on doing to the wall, so you will be more inclined to invest in the project.  

If you haven't donated yet, what's holding you up?!  Click on the Neighbor.ly link on the right sidebar to donate today!  We need your donations to make this a reality!!

Special thanks to our "models" on the wall.  We've been going around to all the neighborhoods, taking candid shots of strangers.  Karen from Schnitzelburg was watering her veggies and sunflowers in Emerson Community Gardens on a Saturday afternoon.  Sapphire was playing in the fountains at Shelby Park after a fundraising event for her cheerleading team to buy new uniforms.  She cheers for the Shelby Park Bears, a local youth football team!  Brandon was serving up cool drinks on a hot afternoon at Nach Bar.